Moshi Monsters Codes 2015

Moshi Monsters is a highly popular online game targeted at kids of between 6-14 years of age. Moshi Monsters secret codes are used to help players quickly acquire not just more Rox money for their pet, but also other items available in the game such as food, drinks, clothes, seeds, posters and more. Many websites offer these codes.

If you want to grab a particular code from the list just Click on the "Reveal Code" button of particular item then copy the code and proceed to redeem it.

codes for moshi monster free membership  Moshi Monsters Codes for Free Membership (updated recently).

codes for moshi monster roxy  Moshi Monsters Codes for ROX

codes for moshi mosnters furniture  Moshi Monsters Codes for Furniture

codes for moshi monsters items  Moshi Monsters Codes for Items

codes for moshi monsters moshlings  Moshi Monsters Codes for Moshlings

codes for moshi monsters posters  Moshi Monsters Codes for Posters and Paintings

codes for moshi monsters clothes  Moshi Monsters Codes for Clothes

Types of Moshi Monsters Cheat Codes

Rox Codes – these codes help add to your Rox currency balance. Most codes are just for a few hundred Rox, while others can add you tens of thousands.

Cuddly Moshlings Codes – cuddly moshlings are not the actual pet monsters, rather cuddly toys that you can accumulate in your monsters home. They also exist in the real world, and can be bought as toys for children. There are many variations and it is difficult to know what particular cuddly moshling you will get in the game until after you input the code.

Some are very rare and it has become a challenge for players to accumulate a full collection of these moshlings. Some of the popular choices include cuddly peppy, cuddly snowy furi, cuddly cherry bomb, cuddly iggy, cuddly kissy and cuddly pirate.

Dress-Up Codes – these codes will get players clothing items for their monsters. This includes such items as different hats, sunglasses and even helmets.

Food Codes – monsters thrive on variety and access to certain codes will give you access to more of this. There are numerous food items you can land with the right code including bug juice, silly chilli, pumpkin chowder, fairy cake and bangers and mash.

Item codes – this primarily refers to home furnishing items like flooring, wall posters, furniture and decorations. The idea is to better accommodate your monster and all his or her possessions in an attractive home.

Level Up codes – the more you play, the more your monster can level up. This kind of accomplishment even comes with a trophy, which you can either put on display in your monsters’ home, or sell. Some codes allow you to level up faster by adding to your XP points.

The amount of points you add will vary depending on the code used. You have to however ensure that your monster is happy and healthy in order to gain points from this code. It will not work otherwise.

Theme Park codes – trips to theme parks is a fun activity to indulge your pet monster. You can get codes to win them prizes like rides and balloon animals.

You can also get codes to use in exchange of theme park food like candy floss and giant pretzels instead of spending Rox.

membership codes for animal jam  Benefits of Moshi Monsters Secret Codes

Free codes provide you access to items that cannot otherwise be accessed. For instance, you need codes to get cuddly moshlings. Codes also help boost your Rox currency balance, therefore providing you with the money you need to take better care of your pet. You will find it easier to feed it right, clothe it in the latest fashions and even decorate the home more attractively. The more that you can do to ensure your monster thrives, the better.

When you make use of level up codes, you offer your monster that chance to try out new items that are only available at certain high levels. This includes items that you will find in the stores and even access to a better home for your pet and better decorations, food and drinks. Even in such a kid friendly game, the goal is always to get as far ahead as you can.

Playing Moshi Monsters is fun for everyone, but we do not always have time to participate in daily activities that would allow for more Rox money to be added to our account. Moshi Monsters require care that involves not just playing with them, but also catering to their basic needs in terms of food, drink, clothing and so on. This means having money to shop for these needs. They require almost daily attention and catering of needs so you have to keep earning money. If you lack the time to earn money within the Monstro World environment, having access to Moshi monsters Codes is a big help. Here is a basic guide to helping players understand how they can make use of such codes.

Moshi Monsters is designed to allow players to accumulate Rox money, the in-house currency, according to their frequency of play. Having more Rox money accords a player easier access to various items in stores that can be used to improve upon their pet monster and their home. You can also find the codes by following the game on social media and buying other items that are part of the franchise like toys and magazines.

In some cases, you can learn what the code is for beforehand, while in other instances you are just told there is a reward, which may not necessarily be Rox money. When you however enter a valid code on the game site, you will be informed of what you are getting.